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We have integrated three different microarray platform annotation methods into our system, including probe sequences, gene identifiers and annotation files from commercial companies.

GEO is a public repository for high throughput gene expression / proteomics data with more than 100 thousand samples, which provides a great resource to integrate multiple studies for biomarker discovery. The difficulty in data reuse lies with the mapping of probes to established gene identifiers, which can change as annotations for the underlying sequences change. The annotation changes in Affymetrix arrays may be more significant since any probe in a probe set may change in annotation. Therefore, microarray results need to be re-evaluated periodically with the latest probe annotations.
AILUN re-annotates all gene expression /proteomics data from GEO by relating all probe IDs to Entrez Gene IDs once every three month, enabling you to find data from GEO, and compare them from different platforms and species. Platform Annotations adds the latest annotations to any uploaded probe / gene ID list file. Platform Comparison compares any two platforms to find corresponding probes mapping to the same gene. Cross-species mapping maps platform annotations to other species. Gene Search finds deposited platforms and samples in GEO that contain a list of genes. GPL ID Search finds the GPL ID (GEO platform ID) for your array. You can also download the latest annotations files for all arrays and our comprehensive universal gene identifier table, which relates all types of gene / protein / clone identifiers to Entrez Gene IDs for all species.
Our database was last updated on 4/30/2011
We have successfully mapped 54932732 individual probes from 385099 GEO samples measuring 3519 GEO platforms across 217 species.

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